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Shang Yung Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, and had been specialized in slicing Neoprene sheets and laminating various fabrics in Taiwan. Until now, not only our domestic workshops but also the international manufacturers had the great pleasure to use our neoprene sheets for making neoprene related products such as diving suits & accessories, surfing / wader suits, sports & medical supports, can coolers, bags etc. Therefore, we have the success in promoting our neoprene sheets to the worldwide market in U.S., Europe, the Middle East and so on , and also have good reputation from our customers.

In 2012, Shang Yung Co. got a patent for Laminated Cloth with Heat Accumulation and Temperature Maintaining Effect. We have applied patent with Taiwan, China and many other countries and believe that approval for our patent will be granted by various Patent Authorities of those countries concerned soon.

We offer the best quality, competitive price and the best service, and believe you can find out the suitable merchandises for you when you browse our website.


Title of Invention: Laminated Cloth with Heat Accumulation and Temperature Maintaining Effect

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